A Cryptosystem Based on Hilbert Matrix Using Cipher Block Chaining Mode

International Journal of Mathematical Trends and Technology (IJMTT)          
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Volume-2 Issue-1                           
Year of Publication : 2011
Authors : Penmetsa V Krishna Raja , A S N Chakravarthy , Prof. P S Avadhani


Penmetsa V Krishna Raja , A S N Chakravarthy , Prof. P S Avadhani "A Cryptosystem Based on Hilbert Matrix Using Cipher Block Chaining Mode"International Journal of Mathematical Trends and Technology (IJMTT),V2(1):12-22.June 2011. Published by Seventh Sense Research Group.

Cryptography is the science of using mathematics to encrypt and decrypt data. Cryptography enables you to store sensitive information or transmit it across insecure networks so that it cannot be read by anyone except the intended recipient. While cryptography is the science of securing data, cryptanalysis is the science of analyzing and breaking secure communication. Classical cryptanalysis involves an interesting combination of analytical reasoning, application of mathematical tools and pattern finding. The objectives of the proposed work are to propose a new cryptographic method based on the special matrix called the Hilbert matrix for authentication and confidentiality and to propose a model for confidentiality and authentication using a combination of symmetric and public cryptosystems. Further, it is extended to shared key cryptosystems with the concept of digital enveloping using a session key. In the present work an algorithm for shared key encryption is developed using Hilbert matrix cryptosystem. In this the block chaining modes of operation have been used to tackle the issues of confusion and diffusion. References

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Crypto System, Hilbert Matrix, Cipher Block Chain Encryption,Decryption.