Complete Graph and Hamiltonian Cycle in Encryption and Decryption

International Journal of Mathematics Trends and Technology (IJMTT)
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Volume-67 Issue-12
Year of Publication : 2021
Authors : Dharmendra Kumar Gurjar, Auparajita Krishnaa


MLA Style: Dharmendra Kumar Gurjar, Auparajita Krishnaa "Complete Graph and Hamiltonian Cycle in Encryption and Decryption" International Journal of Mathematics Trends and Technology 67.12 (2021):62-71. 

APA Style: Dharmendra Kumar Gurjar, Auparajita Krishnaa(2021). Complete Graph and Hamiltonian Cycle in Encryption and Decryption International Journal of Mathematics Trends and Technology, 67(12), 62-71.

In recent times, Cryptography has becomes a significant area for research due to the vast transfer of information including the need for maintaining secrecy. Various encryption techniques are developed and used for securing the transferred data between two or more sources to hide the messages being sent. This paper involves an encryption technique for encrypting the message with the use of Complete Graph and a Cycle to generate a Cipher text using 2 keys, one of them is formed by the use of Hamiltonian Circuit. The decryption algorithm is also provided for the same.


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Keywords : Complete Graph, Cycle, Hamiltonian Cycle, Encryption, Decryption, Cipher text, Complete Graph Matrix.