Soft P-Connectedness Via Soft P-Open Sets

International Journal of Mathematical Trends and Technology (IJMTT)          
© 2014 by IJMTT Journal
Volume-6 Number-3                          
Year of Publication : 2014
Authors : J.Subhashinin , Dr.C.Sekar


J.Subhashinin , Dr.C.Sekar. "Soft P-Connectedness Via Soft P-Open Sets", International Journal of Mathematical Trends and Technology (IJMTT). V6:203-214 February 2014. ISSN:2231-5373. Published by Seventh Sense Research Group.

This paper introduces soft pre-connectedness in soft topological spaces. The notations of interior and closure are generalized using these sets. In a soft topological space , a soft set F_A is said to soft pre-open if there exists a soft open set FO such that FA ⊆ ̃ FO ⊆ ̃ (FA) ̅ . A detail study is carried out on the soft pre-neighborhood system and soft pre-connectedness via soft pre-open sets.


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Soft pre-open set, Soft pre-closed sets, Soft pre-neighborhood, Soft pre-separated set, Soft pre-connected space.