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IJMTT is participating with the program sponsored by Cornell University Library to improve the citation counts of the articles and subsequent improvements in the impact factor. We also request the IJMTT authors to post your published IJMTT PDF document in the Cornell University arxiv library.

How do I post my manuscript on arXiv?

(Read this article completely then upload your article)

link to register -

For detailed instruction -

Only the original authors are permitted to reproduce the accepted paper with arXiv

  • Accurate meta-data must be included while reproducing the accepted paper with arXiv

  • It is mandatory to acknowledge that the paper is published with International Journal of Mathematics Trends and Technology.

While uploading the paper on arXiv, the author will be asked to submit meta-data details regarding the paper.

This section will explain the various parameters that the authors will encounter while uploading the paper.

Title : The complete name of the article. Do not use all upper case letters.

Authors: Include the names of all authors. The list of authors must be similar to the one published with IJMTT. The rule is that all names should be given in the order, FirstnameLastname or FirstnameMiddlenameLastname (where Lastname is your family name).

Abstract : Do not include the word "Abstract". Do not start lines with whitespace (spaces, tabs, etc.) unless you are trying to prevent arXiv`s automatic line wrapping. Abstracts longer than about 20 lines will be truncated; abridge your abstract if necessary

Comments : Indicate number of pages and number of figures. Also mention the statement "Published with International Journal of Mathematics Trends and Technology (IJMTT)"

Report-no : Leave it blank.

Category : Each arXiv article has a primary category and may also have one or more cross-lists to other categories.

Journal-ref : This field is mandatory. Copy the citation data available in the citation section on the abstract page of the article in the IJMTT website and paste the same.

An example of journal-ref is:

Dhanunjayudu.K, Mahesh.B. Article: Trust-Based Secure And Energy Efficient Routing Framework For WSNS. International Journal of Mathematics Trends and Technology (IJMTT) 5(1):1-5, November 2013. Published by Seventh Sense Research Group.

DOI: Include the DOI allotted to the article by IJMTT. Go to the article abstract page on the IJMTT website to refer the DOI.

ACM-class: Leave the field blank

MSC-class: Leave the field blank

The authors have to include the following header (format provided) in the paper before reproducing IJMTT copyrighted articles in arXiv: