Influence of Non-Selective Harvesting and Prey Reserve Capacity on Prey-Predator Dynamics

International Journal of Mathematical Trends and Technology (IJMTT)          
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Volume-4 Issue-11                           
Year of Publication : 2013
Authors : Manju Agarwal , Rachana Pathak


Manju Agarwal , Rachana Pathak."Influence of Non-Selective Harvesting and Prey Reserve Capacity on Prey-Predator Dynamics"International Journal of Mathematical Trends and Technology (IJMTT),V4(11):295-309 2013. Published by Seventh Sense Research Group.

In the present paper, we have developed a simple two species prey-predator model in which the prey dispersal in a two patch environment, one is assumed to be a free hunting zone and the other is a reserved zone where hunting and other extractive activities are prohibited. We assume that the prey possesses heterogeneous intrinsic growth rate with uniform carrying capacity. We also see the effect of non selective harvesting on prey-predator system in a free hunting zone. Criteria for local stability of the non-negative equilibria are obtained. Using differential inequality, we obtain sufficient conditions that ensure the persistence of the system. Finally, numerical simulations are given to verify the analytical results with the help of different sets of parameters.


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Prey-Predator, Reserve Area, Harvesting, Stability, Persistence.