LRS Bianchi Type-I Cosmological Model with Variable Deceleration Parameter

International Journal of Mathematics Trends and Technology (IJMTT)
© 2018 by IJMTT Journal
Volume-58 Number-4
Year of Publication : 2018
Authors : Dinkar Singh Chauhan and R.S. Singh


Dinkar Singh Chauhan and R.S. Singh "LRS Bianchi Type-I Cosmological Model with Variable Deceleration Parameter" , International Journal of Mathematics Trends and Technology (IJMTT). V58(4):226-230 June 2018. ISSN:2231-5373. Published by Seventh Sense Research Group.


Locally rotationally symmetric( LRS) Bianchi type-Icosmological model for perfect fluid distribution is obtained by considering variable deceleration parameter.Some physical and geometrical properties of the model arealsodiscussed.

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LRS Bianchi type-I model, variable deceleration parameter, perfect fluid.