Radiating Heat-Mass Transport over a Leaning Surface using Group of Scaling Operations

International Journal of Mathematics Trends and Technology (IJMTT)
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Volume-67 Issue-4
Year of Publication : 2021
Authors : M.Bhuvaneswari, S.Karthikeyan


MLA Style: M.Bhuvaneswari, S.Karthikeyan "Radiating Heat-Mass Transport over a Leaning Surface using Group of Scaling Operations" International Journal of Mathematics Trends and Technology 67.4 (2021):1-7. 

APA Style: M.Bhuvaneswari, S.Karthikeyan(2021). Radiating Heat-Mass Transport over a Leaning Surface using Group of Scaling Operations International Journal of Mathematics Trends and Technology, 1-7.

Impacts of radiation on free-convection heat-mass transfering over a leaning surface is probed using Lie’s group. PDEs that model the liquid motion are reduced to ODEs together with the corresponding conditions on the boundary by symmetries. Approximate solution got by applying IV order R-K algorithm with trajectory shoot method exhibits that both thermal&concentration boundary-layer thicknesses are downsized while rising Gr(thermal) number and Sc number. The opposite phenomena takes place whenever Gr(solutal) number rises. Further, it is witnessed that velocity&temperature rise whereas concentration reduces as radiation intensifies.


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Keywords : Free convection, Inclined surface, Lie’s group, Mass transfer.